At Publicis Groupe, we wanted to find better ways to support our employees with their health. That’s why we’re now partnering with Catapult to provide you with free virtual preventive care checkups, all in the convenience of your home. There have been all kinds of reasons that the majority of us haven’t received our regular preventive care checkups. But what's important to remember is that our health matters and we need to prioritize it most of all.

How Does it Work

Catching things early with preventive care makes all the difference to keeping you in good health. Even if you cannot get out of your home right now to see your physician, consider using Catapult VirtualCheckup® to take preventive measures that support your health and wellness. You’ll receive a home kit in the mail with simple instructions to follow. After Catapult gets your lab results, a nurse practitioner will be available to discuss your results virtually. Watch this video to learn more.

Who’s Eligible?

Virtual checkups are available for all U.S. employees enrolled in the medical plan. It is not extended to spouses or dependent children.

Note: This is not recommended for pregnant women or those with a history of double mastectomy with bilateral lymph node removal.

Sign Up Here

To begin the process, you can sign up here. Note to New York residents: Due to government regulations, we are not able to send these kits to your home. We’ve included additional details below for how you can participate.

For New York Residents

In lieu of receiving a home kit, New York residents can schedule and complete a screening at a Catapult Diagnostics Patient Service Center location that’s convenient for you. Once blood work results are available, you can then enjoy the same experience we mentioned above to complete a virtual checkup with a Catapult Nurse Practitioner.

To begin the process, go to My.QuestForHealth.com and follow these instructions:

  • Enter “Catapult” in the Registration Key, and click “Register Now”
  • Provide your information on the secure Quest Diagnostics site to complete the registration process
  • Select Patient Service Center, and follow the given instructions to schedule your appointment


If you have questions, you may find your answers in our FAQ. For anything we haven't covered, please contact the Publicis Connection Service Center at Benefits.SharedServices@lionresources.com.