The Group Legal Assistance Plan, through MetLife Legal Plans (previously MetLaw), provides you, your spouse and your dependents with unlimited access and referrals to professional, credentialed attorneys to help cover the cost of common legal services. Members can use network attorneys for little or no fees, or they may use services outside of the network and receive a benefit allowance to pay for those legal services. Please note the plan does contain service exclusions.

Covered Services

Advice and consultation

Wills and estate planning

Defense in civil lawsuits and debt matters

Traffic and juvenile criminal matters (not DUI)

Buying, selling or refinancing a home

Family law matters (not divorce)

Consumer protection matters

Prenuptial agreements

You may purchase coverage through after-tax per paycheck contributions. Your level of benefits depends on the attorney used to provide the legal service:

  • If you use an attorney from the MetLife Legal Plans Plan network, most services are provided at little or no cost.
  • If you use an attorney from outside the network, the plan will pay for covered services according to a benefit schedule, and you pay for the remaining cost.

If you have questions, go to the MetLife Legal Plans website (Group ID: 1012150; Access code: Metlaw) or call 1-800-821-6400.