Get support with anything that troubles you

As you are working through life’s challenges, sometimes it helps to talk to someone. You and your family have access to master’s level mental health professionals 24/7 and many resources through Workplace Solutions (Access Code: Publicis) to offer you guidance and support with anything that troubles you — not just with the tough times but also when things are 'just okay'. A brief conversation with the right person can be just what you need to start feeling better.



Who’s eligible?

  • All U.S. employees
  • All spouses/partners, dependents and household members


    Talk to a professional

    You and your family can call Workplace Solutions at 1-800-327-5071 at any time. They provide confidential, professional, one-on-one, short-term counseling for personal and work/life issues for all employees, even benefit-ineligible employees, and their dependents — at no cost to you. If additional counseling is necessary beyond the scope of the EAP, you can seek benefits under the medical plan, where applicable. Any information you share with an EAP counselor remains protected and confidential.


    Short-term counseling helps with many types of situations, including stress, change, relationship issues, parenting, grief, substance abuse, emotional concerns like depression and anxiety, feeling ‘stuck’ in one’s life, work challenges, family concerns, conflicts with others, and many other areas. Workplace Solutions’ compassionate counselors have experience with a wide range of matters. They will work to help build resilience and offer tools to effectively manage life’s problems.

    Emotional Wellbeing

    Depression is more than just feeling sad or a little under the weather. Depression can seriously affect a person’s mood, thought patterns, behavior, and quality of life. Likewise, chronic anxiety can be debilitating and lead to irrational thoughts and fears that interfere with your daily life. If you or a family member experience extreme emotions that affect your daily life, Workplace Solutions’ licensed professionals provide short-term counseling and a wealth of resources to help.


    We all experience stress however stress can manifest itself in different ways for each individual. Workplace Solutions can help you and your family members work through stressful personal or professional issues.


    Throughout life, we all deal with many different types of relationships. Let’s face it; some are more challenging than others. If you or a family member struggle with a relationship with a spouse, relative, co-worker, boss or anyone else, consider a confidential conversation about it with Workplace Solutions. Their licensed professionals can provide short-term counseling and a variety of resources.


    Occasionally, you or your family may face a legal situation or have a question that requires a discussion with an attorney. Through Workplace Solutions, you have access to a complimentary legal consultation of up to 30 minutes via telephone or in-person. Additionally, a wealth of educational articles and videos are available on a variety of topics.

    Substance Use

    If you or a family member are struggling with addiction or substance abuse, Workplace Solutions provides a confidential way to get the help you need.


    Education, resources, and current information for planning are essential tools for those families who find themselves responsible for child or eldercare. Finding quality care can be a challenging and emotional experience for your family. You want care that works for both your family’s unique situation and provides care in a loving and nurturing environment. The first step in the process of choosing care is to understand the options. Contact Workplace Solutions to discuss your specific needs and receive options that work best for your family.


    If you or your family experience financial difficulties, Workplace Solutions can get you on your way to tackling and resolving these problems. They provide financial planning assistance with qualified professionals who can help you with credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, and answers to retirement and college planning questions.

    Work Related

    Workplace Solutions provides a wide variety of resources that can help employees through difficult work situations. Sometimes just talking through a situation with a impartial party to get advice is helpful. Additionally, you may be looking to improve your productivity, managerial skills or other work related proficiencies, which Workplace Solutions can assist with too.

    Managing Current Events

    Today’s current events may have you experiencing greater uncertainty, or may evoke feelings of fear, distress and anxiety about what to expect and how to adapt to the current situation. There are resources online to assist.




    Get connected to additional resources

    In addition to professional, one-on-one, short-term counseling, you also have access to resources that you can try on your own. Below is a short recap of some items you'll see on Workplace Solutions (Access Code: Publicis): 

    Ask the Expert

    Sign up for our monthly Ask the Expert sessions so you can get your own questions answered by a top expert. Previous sessions are recorded and available to view on demand.

    LifeSpeak Videos

    LifeSpeak videos offer you and your family members instant access to expert advice on all kinds of topics. Over 1,000 are easily accessible on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop and are the perfect length for on-the-go learners.

    Helpful Apps

    From Aura to Calm, Workplace Solutions provides a list of apps that can help with any situation. 

    Work-Life Resources

    You get access to a wide variety of work-life resources such as articles, videos, financial calculators and much more! 

    Ongoing Webinars

    In addition to our events this year, Workplace Solutions has a library of other on-demand webinars that you have access to.