The Publicis Benefits Connection Healthy Living program offers you and your eligible spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner personalized health coaching from WebMD.

WebMD Health Coaches provide ongoing support people need to learn healthy habits, manage chronic conditions, and achieve well-being goals. With training and certifications in specific fields — such as nutrition, diabetes management or tobacco cessation — health coaches are matched with participants based on their individual needs.

Text-based health and wellness coaching, Coach Connect online messaging, and telephonic coaching are available, allowing participants to interact with Health Coaches in times and places that are most convenient for them.

How to Get Started

To participate in health coaching, you will need to complete the Healthy Living Personal Health Assessment. To access the PHA, go to Healthy Living.

Once you complete the PHA, you may receive directions for scheduling WebMD Health Coaching sessions, depending on your risk level. Your eligible spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner needs to complete his or her own Personal Health Assessment to take advantage of WebMD Health Coaching.

Health Coaching Programs

There are specialized services that you can receive from WebMD Health Coaching.

Lifestyle Coaching

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, sleep better, or something else, a health coach is always there to help make it happen. They can be your cheerleader, teammate or guide — whatever you need to reach your personal well-being goals.

Tobacco Cessation Coaching

Whether you smoke cigarettes, e-cigs, or another type of tobacco, WebMD Health Coaches have the experience and education to help you overcome cravings and quit for good.

Daily Habits

WebMD’s Daily Habits blends behavior change science with small, actionable goals. This solution helps individuals stick with the program and create lifelong healthy patters.

Daily Habits includes plans for a range of wellness goals, including losing weight, reducing stress, and managing chronic conditions like diabetes or heart failure.

Mercer Health Advantage

As part of your benefits, you and your family have access to a Personal Health Clinician who is a Registered Nurse. The Personal Health Clinician helps answer your questions and address your concerns regarding your health in addition to:

  • Helping manage your ongoing needs along with your healthcare providers,
  • Offering counseling and health education with the support of a social worker, behavioral health clinician, and pharmacist,
  • Helping you and/or your family before or after a hospital stay, or
  • Whatever else you may need to improve your health.

Personal Health Clinicians are here to help you navigate the healthcare system and establish an ongoing relationship.