Payroll Information on ADP

At Publicis Groupe, you can access all of your employee payroll information at ADP, including:

  • Direct deposit information: You can add, delete or change your direct deposit accounts on ADP. No forms are necessary.
  • Tax withholding information: Update your federal and state tax online — no forms required.
  • Pay statements: You can view, download and/or print your earnings statements.
  • Annual W-2 Form: You also have access to view, download and/or print your annual W-2 Forms at any time. Note: Forms for the previous year will be added to your account by January 31 each year.


How to modify direct deposit bank account details for U.S. Payroll

To make changes to direct deposit banking details, employees can do the following (at any time) via ADP payroll self-service:

  • Step one: On, click the top-left menu and go to Pay.
  • Step two: Scroll down to the Direct Deposit section and click Manage direct deposit
  • Step three: From here you can add new accounts or edit existing ones

If you cannot find your direct deposit on MyADP, instead try the ADP portal

  • Step one: On, click the direct deposit information link (second link on the left column).
  • Step two: From here you can add new accounts or edit existing ones by clicking on the account number

    How to Login to ADP

    To access your payroll information, go to the ADP website. Your user ID will include @publicis, e.g., jsmith@publicis.

    • If you are a new user, you’ll need to set up a User ID by clicking the Create Account link on ADP. Click I have a registration code and use publicis-entry, then proceed to enter in your personal information. Your user ID will include @publicis, e.g., jsmith@publicis.
    • If you forgot your user ID, click the Forgot your User ID link on the ADP homepage.
    • If you forgot your password, follow these instructions.

    Note: If you need to change your name or address, please follow instructions.


    If you have questions or issues about MyADP's eTIME timecard feature for recording hours, please reach out to us at


    Wage Garnishments

    Wage garnishments are court-ordered deductions taken from an employee’s pay to satisfy a debt or legal obligation. Child support, unpaid taxes or credit card debt, defaulted student loans, medical bills and outstanding court fees are common causes for wage garnishments. Garnishments are typically a percentage of an employee’s compensation rather than a set dollar amount.

    If you have a question about wage garnishments, please contact the ADP Solution Center at 1-866-324-5191. If you have an urgent matter, you can email the Publicis Groupe Payroll Department at