Our International SOS program offers comprehensive health and safety support for international business travel. Gain access to essential services including country guides with medical alerts, security information in real-time, e-mail alerts, and a dedicated hotline connecting you to multilingual specialists for immediate assistance in emergencies.

Contact International SOS at 1-800-523-6586 (Group ID number: 15AMMS000126) to receive expert guidance and support throughout your travels.

The International SOS program services include:

  • Country Guides — Gain access to vital information about health and safety concerns for any destination. Explore medical alerts, referrals, comprehensive disease details, cultural insights, embassy/visa guidance, vaccination requirements, and personal safety tips. 
  • Security Online — Stay updated with real-time security information. Our dedicated team of worldwide intelligence analysts, including security specialists, gathers data from diverse sources to provide risk ratings, alerts, warnings, country facts, updates, and relevant links. 
  • E-mail Alerts — Sign up for real-time alerts and notifications to stay informed about events that could impact your safety and productivity. Receive timely updates about potential risks to maintain awareness while traveling.