We are proud to stand alongside our LGBTQ+ employees, providing them with comprehensive and inclusive healthcare and benefits coverage. Through our commitment to our people, we aim to ensure that every employee feels valued, respected, and supported with inclusive and comprehensive coverage throughout the year.


Inclusive Healthcare for All Identities

Our medical insurance policy includes coverage for same-sex spouses and domestic partners, allowing them to access necessary medical services and treatments. We also offer family and medical leave, enabling employees to care for their domestic partners or eligible family members during times of need.

For detailed information about eligible individuals under your Publicis benefits, kindly refer to our eligibility page.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Support

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging, and that includes finding LGBTQ+ friendly providers or information. To address this, we provide dedicated support to our employees and their dependents through Health Advocate or Mercer Health Advantage. This support includes assistance in finding LGBTQ+ friendly providers and addressing any healthcare-related queries or concerns they may have.

Transgender Employee Benefits

We understand the unique needs of our transgender employees and are committed to providing them with comprehensive support. Our medical plan coverage extends to support employees with gender reassignment surgery, which includes prescription drug coverage through CVS and mental health services through Workplace Solutions, ensuring holistic care for our transgender employees.

For further detailed questions, employees can contact BCBSIL at 1-866-876-1989 for medical coverage and CVS at 1-866-212-4752 for prescription coverage.

Expanding Families

We recognize and celebrate the desire of our employees to start or expand their families. As part of our benefits package, we offer fertility services to assist employees in fulfilling their family-growing needs.

Call BCBSIL Customer Service (866-876-1989), and ask your Benefits Value Advisor how you can get the most out of your fertility benefits.

Please note Publicis Groupe includes numerous agencies and adoption assistance is managed at the agency-level (if offered) and provides additional support for those choosing adoption as their path to parenthood.

Legal and Financial Support

We understand that legal and financial matters can be complex and require expert guidance. We provide our LGBTQ+ employees with access to a team of attorneys who can offer legal advice and assistance. These legal services span various areas, including estate planning, beneficiary designations, social security, adoption, and healthcare-related matters. By offering this comprehensive legal and financial support, we aim to ensure that our employees have the resources they need to navigate these aspects of their lives.