Freelancer Benefits

At Publicis Groupe we offer medical and voluntary benefits to our freelancers and temporary employee. Voluntary benefit options include supplemental medical insurance, transportation and parking benefits, legal benefits, pet insurance, and auto and home insurance.

You must be actively employed for 90 consecutive calendar days in order to be eligible for Publicis medical and voluntary benefits. You will also be eligible to participate in the Publicis 401(k) Plan after you complete 1,000 work hours in a consecutive 12-month period.

When you are eligible for Publicis benefits, you’ll receive an email or mailed letter from bswift—our third-party benefits administration system—45 days before your benefits coverage would start. You’ll have 45 days to enroll in Publicis benefits, otherwise you’ll forfeit your coverage until the next Annual Benefits Enrollment, which is typically in Q4 each year.

If you decide to elect certain Publicis benefits, your benefits coverage will be effective the 91st calendar day of your employment. You’ll enroll in Publicis benefits on bswift, and you’ll contact the following providers to enroll in voluntary benefits:

  • Auto and Home Insurance: MetLife at 1-800-438-6388
  • Legal Benefit: MetLife Hyatt at 1-800-438-6388
  • Pet Insurance Benefit: Nationwide at 1-855-525-1458