It’s hard to predict the unexpected, but you can plan for it. We also have some benefit services that can help in these hard times. Below are resources and tips to help you and your family before, during and after a natural disaster.

What to Do After a Disaster

If you experienced a disaster, call Health Advocate to help you manage the recovery process and use this Disaster Recovery Guide to help you manage the situation. You may also want to register for disaster assistance at DisasterAssistance.gov.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

It’s important to have a clear approach to an unanticipated emergency—whether it’s infrastructure failures that make flooding worse or an ice storm in a usually balmy climate. Here are some resources to plan ahead:

Preparing children for emergencies

Children can be particularly impacted by the fear that surrounds a natural disaster, so having a fearless way to prepare them for the unexpected should be a high priority. Here are resources to help prepare children for various emergencies:

What to Do During a Natural Disaster

For any disaster, know that you have support. Here are some benefit services that can help:

  • Call Health Advocate to help you manage the recovery process
  • Call BCBSIL if you have a planned procedure that has been interrupted or need to find a doctor
  • Get access to a doctor by phone free of charge with Teladoc
  • If you need to replace your medications, call CVS or your pharmacy for assistance

And here are additional resources by situation, and visit The American Red Cross for more resources for any type of disaster: