It’s important that we keep your information up-to-date so you continue to have a seamless experience with benefits and payroll. If you’ve recently moved or changed your name, please follow the instructions below to update your information as soon as possible. Delays with executing the update may affect your ability to receive timely benefits coverage and payroll documents such as W-2 Forms.

Ensure that your Home Address on file reflects your permanent address. If you are working remotely or need mail to be routed to a different address, please reach out to HR for guidance.

Marriage or Divorce Changes

If you’re updating your name because of a marriage or divorce, review the Marriage Event Guide to see if there are additional changes you need to make to your benefits within 30 calendar days of that event.

Submitting a New Name or Address

If you recently changed your name or moved to a new residence, you may update your information by logging into the HR database: Career Settings.

Go to Career Settings > “My Profile”. You may update your name under Personal Information and update your address under Address. Once you have submitted the update, it will be sent to your local HR for approval. If you require additional assistance or need your Career Settings ID number, please reach out to your local HR contact.

Note: If you have an apartment or unit number, enter it only in Address Line 2 for your Home Address and/or Mail Address. This field requires a minimum of two characters. (Example: If you live in apartment 1, please enter “Apt 1” or “#1”.) Leave the field blank if you do not have an apartment or unit number.

Changing Your Dependent’s Name/Address

Log into our benefits administrator site, bswift. Under My Profile, click on Edit Dependents Profile to make your updates. Be sure to click Save & Continue when you’re finished.

Getting a new Benefits Insurance Card

To get a new ID card, please reach out to the respective benefits insurance carrier, which you’ll find the full list on the Contacts page. Please note: It may take up to three weeks for the benefits insurance carriers to receive your updated information from the date you make the change. Reminder, benefits insurance carriers do not personalize cards for dependents.